From swimming pool to drinking bowl

Published on 2 August 2022 at 09:48

Hello, holiday, relaxing in and around the hotel, great ! But you see and hear  the beautiful birds in the hotel, and so you decide to organize a birding day. Not much driving, just close to the hotel, around Banjul, around the coast. Just contact us and we pick you up. Before or after breakfast, just choose. There are lots of great birding spots close to the hotel area of Senegambia. The most famous is of course Kotu Creek with his many many birds and that fantastic one hour boat trip. But there is so much more than Kotu Creek : Abuko Nature Reserve, Lamin Lodge, Brufut Woods,  Farasutu , Tanji bird reserve, Monkey Park (.not only monkeys), and so on.  So, the colorful bee-eaters,  kingfishers and rollers - picture the Abyssinian roller - are waiting for you.  And : don't forget you camera with a FULLY charged battery.  Contact, or +220 325 84 98 ( fatou) or +220 778 82 61. (Foday)

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