Hello guys, my name is fatou and I am a professional birding and touring guide in The Gambia. Together with my colleague foday bojang I have my own company Fatou Tours Gambia. Our tours - from 1/2 day till 15 days - are completely organized ( lodges, transport, food, itinerary). We are specialized in personalizing our standard tours as the customer wants so that he can make HIS tour. For all info and contacts  see www.fatoutoursgambia.com, and if any question , just let know and contact us.

After contact we will create together with you YOUR perfect tours as you wish it : number of days, itinerary, lodges, birding activities, relaxing moments and so on. This at great prices because we have longtime contacts with the lodges, we work with our own cars/busses and this is our own company.

On the next page you find information about 9 of our tours, more information on www.fatoutoursgambia.com . This month our most booked tour is the famous 2 days tour to the mammals, hypos, chimps, wassu stones !!!!!!!

Thanks for your visit and see you soon ,


  Fatou Senghore, Foday Bojang

from 1/2 day to 15 days


With tours from 1/2 day to 15 days you can organize your Gambian holiday as you wish.

Staying in hotel and relaxing at swimming pool but now and then doing a day tour for birding and to explore the real smiling Gambia. Or do longer tour from several days to 15 days with great lodges up country, discovering all the great birding hotspots and see from close by the real gambia with his little villages and compounds and the so many smiling and enthusiastic children.

 Of course we also can visit cultural hotspots as the slave island Kunta Kinteh, Wassu Stone Circles and the historic Georgetown.

Let's make together the tour as you wish it !!! for all info see www.fatoutoursgambia.com 

On Tour Pictures : hippo during boat trip, breakfast with blue-breasted kingfisher

The Gambia, with fatou tours......(click on pic for text)

Hippos & Chimps

The most popular tour of 2022 was the 2 days, 1 night trip to Kuntaur to doa private boat trip to see hippos and chimps from close-by. Great trip, discovering

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From swimming pool to drinking bowl

Hello, holiday, relaxing in and around the hotel, great ! But you see and hear  the beautiful birds in the hotel, and so you decide to organize a birding day. Not much driving, just close to the hotel, around Banjul, around the coast. Just contact us and we pick you up. Before or after breakfast, just choose. There are lots of great birding spots close to the hotel area of Senegambia. The most famous is of course Kotu Creek with his many many birds and that fantastic one hour boat trip. But there is so much more than Kotu Creek : Abuko Nature Reserve, Lamin Lodge, Brufut Woods,  Farasutu , Tanji bird reserve, Monkey Park (.not only monkeys), and so on.  So, the colorful bee-eaters,  kingfishers and rollers - picture the Abyssinian roller - are waiting for you.  And : don't forget you camera with a FULLY charged battery.  Contact  www.fatoutoursgambia.com, or +220 325 84 98 ( fatou) or +220 778 82 61. (Foday)

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About our tours

Hello, on www.fatoutoursgambia.com you find all info about our tours. Tours from a half day till 15 days These are our standard tours, but the itineraries of these tours are often changed. All tours can be personalized as the customers wants its : numbers of days, how many hours birding each day, relaxing days, and so on. To write it very simple : let's do THE TOUR OF THE CUSTOMER. For every tour we will pick up the customer : when he is already staying in The Gambia at his hotel, when he is arriving we will be at the airport. Lodging, transport - with our own cars - food, everything is arranged and booked. WE organize, THE CUSTOMER takes the pics. See you, here or at www.fatoutoursgambia.com or at Facebook !

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