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Published on 2 August 2022 at 00:32

Hello, on www.fatoutoursgambia.com you find all info about our tours. Tours from a half day till 15 days These are our standard tours, but the itineraries of these tours are often changed. All tours can be personalized as the customers wants its : numbers of days, how many hours birding each day, relaxing days, and so on. To write it very simple : let's do THE TOUR OF THE CUSTOMER. For every tour we will pick up the customer : when he is already staying in The Gambia at his hotel, when he is arriving we will be at the airport. Lodging, transport - with our own cars - food, everything is arranged and booked. WE organize, THE CUSTOMER takes the pics. See you, here or at www.fatoutoursgambia.com or at Facebook !

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